Rathcore Golf Club


**To Be Competitive in Golf**
**To Be Successful in Business**
**To Be Valuable to the Community**


Rathcore Golf Club is a family oriented private club that is committed to providing its members and guests with a premier country club experience. By fostering a club of excellence based on tradition, exceptional service, outstanding facilities, and first class amenities, recognised both regionally and nationally, we will create greater value for our members and prospective members. Doing so will build a prosperous future and lasting legacy for Rathcore Golf Club.


Rathcore Golf Club would like to be recognised as the premier golf club in our area and to provide a special unique experience to all who play there.


We are committed to the provision of a premier golf facility, attained in an environmentally responsible manner;
We are committed to ensuring a welcoming environment for members, staff and all guests;
We are committed to making our club family friendly;
We will continue as strong supporters of competitive golf;
We will actively support and promote the game of golf to those wishing to partake;
We will be strong supporters of our community;
We will continue to manage all club’s affairs according to prudent financial operating principles;
We will seek out and attract new members who share our value;
We are committed to providing a safe environment for children in compliance with the SafeGuarding Policy of the PGA and CGI(Confederation of Golf in Ireland).


We welcome & value our members and staff, welcome all viewpoints, and support our role as part of a larger golfing community.

Customer Service

We will provide the membership with prompt, accurate, and courteous answers to their questions and will attempt to resolve their problems and concerns in a timely fashion. Our committee & staff will go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our members. They are passionate about the service they provide and the opportunity they have been given to do so.


We will be fair, honest, and consistent in our dealings with members and staff. Mutual trust and respect will be the foundation of all relationships.


We will respect our fellow members, staff, guests, and neighbours. We understand our responsibility as stewards of a cherished property in maintaining the course to the highest standards while minimising our environmental impact.


We honour the spirit and rules of the game. We enjoy and support competition, at all levels of play, as well as our personal growth and improvement.